Agricultural Farm, Ranch and Orchard Loans
When it’s time to refinance or expand your farming operation AG Lending Group is here to help. We are confident you will be pleased with our wide array of farm mortgage loan offerings and competitive rates. The AG Lending Group takes a farmer first approach and works for you to find the best solution for your operation.
About Ag Lending Group
The AG Lending Group team is a family business whose five decades of experience sets them apart from others. Their background in both farming and finance give them the ability to understand the ups and downs in agricultural. This father and daughter team are dedicated to working with family farms across the United States to help them achieve their farm financing goals and keep them on the land they love.
Short-Term Bridge Land Loans
AG Lending Group specializes in a short-term land loans to bridge the gap during a time of financial hardship. These asset-based loans are a great source of flexible funding to bridge the gap to traditional long term financing.


How to prepare for your 2020 Operating Line

We know you have plenty of things to think about right now but prepping for the maturity of your operating loan is approaching. You will want to give yourself enough time to prepare for your 2020 loan request.

Farmers & Investors | A New Source of Capital

As the world’s food needs continue to evolve, the process of planting, growing, harvesting, and distributing crops across the globe is in a constant state of flux

Fixed Interest Rate Overview

There’s so many factors that affect the farmer! If there’s one thing farmers can control its the interest rate on their long-term mortgage loans. Ag Lending Group offers the longest long term fixed rates available in the market.