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    The state of Alabama has more than 43,000 farms spread across 8.9 million acres. The state of Alabama is also known as the Yellowhammer State. The Ag Lending Group team loves working with our clients in the great state of Alabama. The state of Alabama is known for is production of poultry, cattle and calves, greenhouse and nursery, cotton, and soybeans. If you are a farmer in Alabama and are curious about our loan products do not hesitate to reach out to us today. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. +

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    According to the USDA Farmers and ranchers affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are being given additional time to apply for assistance and to file claims for livestock losses. The department said it will provide additional flexibility to farm loan borrowers. “In addition to efforts being made on the ground to assist producers, we have taken a hard look at our regular reporting requirements and adjusted them so producers can take care of pressing needs first and mostly deal with documentation and claims later,” said Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. Serious loss is expected to be recorded in Florida, the number one citrus state, due to loss from Hurricane Irma. Citrus in Florida is typically harvested in early October. Hurricane Irma rolled through just as the crops were reaching their maturity. According to NPR Irma left “50 or 60 percent of the fruit lying in water [or] on the ground.” Many trees were standing in water, a mortal +

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    FARM FACTS You will not be surprised to hear Washington’s highest dollar crop is apples. This state produces 57% of all the apples in the +

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      Contact Us The farming industry is large and interconnected. We work with referral partners across the United States. If you know someone who may +

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    FARM FACTS Believe it or not Agriculture is Virginia’s largest industry!  The industry has an economic impact of $55 billion annually and provides more than +

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    According to the USDA Farmers and ranchers affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are being given additional time to apply for assistance and to file claims for +

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    Be sure to always seek your CPAs financial expertise. Your relationship with your CPA will not only save you heartburn but could save your farm. +

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    FARM FACTS Colorado ranks first nationally in production of proso millet. This annual grass is grown as a grain crop and is used for bird +

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    FARM FACTS Agriculture is Arkansas’ largest industry, adding around $16 billion to the state’s economy annually. Did you know that agriculture provides a job to 1 out +

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    FARM FACTS Did you know Ag Lending Group is a family run organization specializing in farm loans?  95 percent of West Virginia farms are family-owned; the +

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    You know it’s summer when the sweet juice from an Elberta peach is running down your arm. Our friends in the Central Valley know exactly what we are talking about. I was raised out in Sanger, CA in the middle +

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    The largest producing county for California cherries is in the center of the state in San Joaquin County near the town of Lodi. This is where the traditional Bing cherry variety is grown because of the ideal climate that provides +