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    FARM FACTS The State is New Mexico is known for growing some of the best chiles, corn, wheat, onions, peanuts, pistachios, pecans, hay, cotton, and beans. Not many people know that there are over 1.29 million head of cattle in the State.New Mexico consistently ranks as one of the top three pecan-producing states, and it has some of the largest dairy herds in the nation.   Apply Today FARM STATISTICS Number of Farms: 20,930 Average Farm Size: 2,066 acres    Total Farmland: 43 million acres NEW MEXICO FARM LOANS Ag Lending Group loves to work with farmers in the state of New Mexico. We work with aspiring farmers, experienced farmers and those looking for agricultural investments. The Ag Lending Group team has over 4 decades of experience with farming and finance.  Learn More About Us +

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    FARM FACTS Connecticut’s top five agricultural commodities are greenhouse & nursery, dairy products, chicken eggs, aquaculture, and tobacco. Did you know that 60% of the +

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    FARM FACTS Believe it or not Agriculture is Virginia’s largest industry!  The industry has an economic impact of $55 billion annually and provides more than +

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    We had a fantastic time at the Big Iron show in Fargo, North Dakota this year! Since we are from the Desert we enjoyed the weather while +

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    Be sure to always seek your CPAs financial expertise. Your relationship with your CPA will not only save you heartburn but could save your farm. +

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    FARM FACTS We have a sweet spot for California because it is where our team spent most of their life farming. California is the largest +

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    FARM FACTS When we think of Wisconsin the first thing that comes to mind is cheese. Although Wisconsin is known as the “cheese capital of +

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    FARM FACTS California’s agriculture industry is a major player in the state’s economy – and for the U.S. overall – thanks to more than 76,400 +

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      Contact Us The farming industry is large and interconnected. We work with referral partners across the United States. If you know someone who may +

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    You know it’s summer when the sweet juice from an Elberta peach is running down your arm. Our friends in the Central Valley know exactly what we are talking about. I was raised out in Sanger, CA in the middle +

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    The largest producing county for California cherries is in the center of the state in San Joaquin County near the town of Lodi. This is where the traditional Bing cherry variety is grown because of the ideal climate that provides +