Georgia is a farming haven because of its fertile soils andsubtropical climate. It has the ideal conditions for raising crops, because ofwhich Georgia plays a significant role in the agricultural industry of theUnited States. This State’s agricultural activity is responsible for more than16 percent of its economic output.

Close to 20 percent of Georgia’s population works in theagricultural sector. Georgia is the United States’ leading producer of peanuts.It raises half of the peanut crop of this nation. Besides peanuts, Georgia alsoproduces the third highest amount of cotton in the United States. It also isthe leading broiler producer of the country, with an average of around 23million pounds on a regular day.

Georgia’s vast farmland is mainly for farming andagricultural activity, proving that farming is indeed a lucrative occupation inthe State

Affordable Farm Loans in Georgia

Are you a Georgian farmer who seeks Georgia farm loans? Weat AG lending group provide precisely that. Our extensive history of providingvarious farm loans such as farmland loans, farm loans, and ranch loans to theagribusiness owners and farmers in Georgia is proof enough that you can rely onus for our convenient farm loans.

Nobody knows better than us the importance of farming andagriculture in Georgia. Our deep knowledge regarding the deep-rooted farmingactivities in Georgia has allowed us to design a streamlined procedure toacquire farm loans without any hassles. Our experienced staff members know allthe ins and outs of the farm loan products that we have and the procedure youwill need to obtain them. They will provide you all the help you need infinding out the loan type that suits your requirement.

Easy Farm Loans in Georgia

Getting farm loans with AG lending company is simple. Wehave experts who stay connected with our clients to make sure that they receivetheir loans in quick fashion. Our diverse farm loans allow you to acquire newagricultural properties. You can also use these loans for readjusting your debtsto get reduced interest rates. The loans are also helpful to cover dailyagribusiness operation costs.

Catering To Individual Requests

After you apply for the Georgia farm loan, we will send atime to look at your farm and financials. They will study these things topropose you a farm loan that would be most suitable for your needs. Ourstreamlined and customized loaning approach ensures we leave no farmer behind.

Our Loans

  • Winery and Vineyard Loans
  • Dairy and Ranch Loans
  • Farm Mortgage Loans
  • Form operating and line of credit loans
  • Beginning farmers loan (for novice farmers)

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