Agriculture Loans Kansas

Farming in Kansas is more than a business. We understand the way of life you chose and why you chose it. Ag Lending Group was created to serve the farmers of Kansas, not the banks. 

We will never charge a loan origination fee. This means our business prospers when your farm does. You farm. We work with the banks on  your behalf. 

We offer a wide range farm mortgage and land loans, ranch and dairy loans. You can also work with us to refinance your current farm mortgage.

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Easy to Get Farm Loans in Kansas

Kansas farmers sometimes find difficulty when choosing a reliable farm loan lender. Luckily, the AG lending group is the safest option you can trust. We have several years of farm credit lending experience in different States, and Kansas happens to be a state that we highly value. Whether you are just starting or you have years of farming and agribusiness experience, we have a suitable loan solution for you.

Affordable Kansas Farm Loans

AG listens to all of our loan candidates. We even offer customized solutions to some individuals. Our loaning process is simple. Once approved, you will get your credit on time. Our affordable loan products can help you in a variety of ways like refinancing your farm credits, financing new agriculture appliances, buying new farming property.

These are our farm loan products:

  • Revolving credit line
  • Dairy and ranch loans
  • Winery and vineyard loans
  • Farm mortgage loans
  • Beginner farm loans

We are Just a Call Away

Get in touch with us to find out which loan product would suit your needs the best. If there is any confusion, our team members can counsel and guide you through various loan processes so you can navigate through different services and choose a suitable credit option.

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