Ranching and farming play a pivotal part in Missouri’seconomy. This state ranks twelfth for its overall value of agricultural goodssold. In fact, Missouri’s agricultural activities generate more than 7 billionfor its economy. The farmers in Missouri grow different types of agriculturalcrops that range from corn and soybeans to cotton and tobacco. In addition,Missouri’s ranchers rank fourthin the United States for turkeyproduction and seventh in hog production. 

With agribusiness and farming playing a pivotal part in theState’s economy, sometimes the ranchers and farmers require farm loans to keeptheir operations running or to improve their agribusiness’ efficiency by buyingequipment etc.

Suitable Missouri Farm Loans

When it comes to getting farm loan, farmers should make surethat they choose a reliable lender. AG lending group is as reliable as it gets.We have been offering Missouri farm loans for several years at economicalinterest rates. AG lending group knows that a large number of Missouriresidents are farmers and ranchers by profession and need a loan lendingcompany that has a streamlined underwriting process. This process ensures thatacquiring the loan becomes a walk in the park for you whether you are a noviceor an experienced farmer.

If you still face any difficulty, AG lending group’s expertsare always present to help and guide you regarding all kinds of farm loan relatedmatters.

Easy Missouri Farm Loans

We value all of our loan candidates and we show ourgratitude by making things as simple as possible. Furthermore, we do not makeour candidates wait for extensive periods to get their loans. Our team willremain in touch with you and help in different ways until you receive yourloan. Our loans guarantee convenience for all kinds of farming, ranching, andagribusiness needs. You can refinance farming debts, get new equipment, or makesome fixes to keep your operations running smoothly. Our revolving credit linecan help you in many ways.

We Value Every Loan Query

Since every farmer and rancher has a different purpose forapplying for a loan, we pay close attention to his or her needs. Once youapply, our experts will analyze your financials and farm to give you a viablesolution for your specific situation. It will help you to decide which loanproduct would suit your needs the most. With our customized approach, we makesure that every farmer gets a chance to receive a Missouri farm loan.

These are the farm loans that we offer:

  • Revolving credit line
  • Dairy and ranch loans
  • Winery and vineyard loans
  • Farm mortgage loans

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