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Farm Mortgage Loans in North Carolina

Being one of the Nation’s biggest tobacco, cotton, and soybean producers, majority of North Carolina’s residents are farmers and ranchers. Several families have been running agribusinesses for years and continue to expand their operations while others are just starting out. In both cases, a certain amount of money is required. Luckily, we at AG Lending Group are reliable and experienced in providing affordable farm mortgage loan options. Our rich history of providing farm, ranch, and farmland mortgage loans makes us an ideal lender for North Carolina farmers, whether they are novice or experienced.

We are aware of the importance of agribusinesses and farming in North Carolina. It is precisely why we have created a streamlined underwriting process that will help you get our loan without any obstacles. You can always acquire the help of our knowledgeable staff members if you have any queries or need some counseling regarding our farm mortgage products. They will help you determine which option would suit you the most.
Get Hassle Free North Carolina Farm Loans
Our efficient and streamlined process makes it easy to acquire farm loans for anyone. AG Lending Group employs experts and team them up to ensure that you get your mortgage loans on time. With our farm mortgage loans, you can buy agricultural property, increase the duration and lower the interest rates of your current debts through refinancing, and take care of your business’ operational costs with our revolving credit line.
Personalized Solutions for Farm Loans
Once you apply for a farm loan, the team at AG Lending Group will study your financials and check your farm to determine the most suitable loan option for you. They will follow this up by helping you obtain your loans in a timely and convenient manner. AG Lending Group offers personalized solutions according to each borrower’s particular needs.

Loan Options at AG Lending Group

Here are some loan options that you can obtain from us:

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