Home to around forty thousand farms, Oregon has one of themost diverse agricultural and farming spans in the United States. It ranks inthe 10 highest agricultural producing States in America. Contrary to mostStates, Oregon is famous for being self-sufficient in producing a variety ofcrops. What’s more intriguing about Oregon’s crops is that most of them arequite unconventional.

Oregon ranks first in the United States for the productionof potted azaleas, red clover seed, sugar beets for seed, crimson clover,orchard grass seed, hazelnuts, black raspberries, ryegrass seed, Logan berries,Christmas trees, peppermint, boysenberries, black berries, and fescue seed.

Furthermore, the State ranks second for its agriculturalproduction of spearmint, snap beans and hops. Oregon also ranks number five forproducing cranberries, green peas, dried herbs, pears, sweet cherries,blueberries, wine grapes, and sweet corn. Suffice to say, Oregon’s vastfarmlands are a hub of farming and agricultural activities, which proves thatthe State is a major contributor to the country’s economy.

Economical Farm Loans in Oregon

A high percentage of families in Oregon practice farming,ranching, and agribusinesses, and they sometimes seek farm loans to extendtheir operations. You could be seeking for a farm mortgage loan too. If you do,make sure that you choose a reliable lender that caters to the needs of allfarmers.

Fortunately, we at AG lending groups have made a name out ofproviding convenient and economical farm loans to Oregon farmers. We provideranch loans, farmland loans, and farm loans making sure that they are easilyattainable for experienced as well as novice farmers and agribusiness owners.

Our rich history of helping out farmers in Oregon throughour various loan products has taught us what farmers want when they come toapply for loans. We learned that a streamlined procedure is necessary to makethe loaning process simple and efficient. Therefore, we provide precisely that.Once you apply for an Oregon farm mortgage loan, the team at AG lending groupswill tend to all of your queries regarding the loan.

Convenient Farm Mortgage Loans in Oregon

AG lending groups employs numerous experts who are there tohelp clients out throughout the loan process. Once you apply, they willconstantly stay in touch with you until you receive the loan. With our loans,you can buy new equipment for your agribusiness, maintain your daily farmingoperations, or refinance your debts for more favorable interest rates.

Understanding Individual Farm Loan Needs

AG lending group know that every farmer or agribusinessowner comes due to particular problems. They require specific solutions forthese problems, some of them, which they find difficulty in. We send our teamof experts to talk to our clients, look at their financials and farm’sconditions to recommend them the best course of action for their loan, makingsure that every farmer gets a loan that solves their problem.

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  • Dairy and Ranch Loans
  • Beginning farmers loan (for novice farmers)
  • Farm Mortgage Loans
  • Winery and Vineyard Loans
  • Form operating and line of credit loans

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