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When we think of Wisconsin the first thing that comes to mind is cheese. Although Wisconsin is known as the “cheese capital of the U.S.” the states agriculture is very diverse. There are around 68,700 farms in Wisconsin on 14.5 million acres of land. Top commodities for the state include, cattle and calves, soybeans, potatoes, corn, milk and cranberries.

The state is Wisconsin is also popular for their production of snap beans for processing, milk goats and mink pelts. You should take note that the state does rank 2nd in the nation for milk production, milk cows and the Ag Lending Group teams favorite mozzarella cheese!

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Number of Farms: 11,000
Average Farm Size: 2,726 acres
Total Farmland: 30.2 million acres



Ag Lending Group loves to work with farmers in the state of Wisconsin. We work with aspiring farmers, experienced farmers and those looking for agricultural investments. The Ag Lending Group team has over 4 decades of experience with farming and finance. 

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