Why Choose Us

Ag Lending Group is the nation’s premier non-bank lender specializing in farm mortgage loans. We will review your financials, learn about your farm and then find the best loan available to meet your needs. We have a streamlined but customized approach to each borrowers loan request.

What Drives Us

Our core desire is to deliver the best farm mortgage products, that create real value and make a genuine difference to our clients. Our Clients are at the heart of our business and we take a genuine interest in their success.

Our Philosophy

Our service is about creating a long term mortgage plan that is right for your farm. We aim to provide all clients with clear direction, quick turn around and provide each and every client with the very best loan products on the market.

Richard Cook

Managing Director
Richard H. Cook founded Ag Lending Group LLC in 2015 to formalize the way that he had being doing agricultural advisory work regarding real estate and finance since the 1970’s. Ag Lending Group makes mortgage loans and does advisory work across North America. Richard is a CPA and got his first experience within the farming industry when working at Price Waterhouse, auditing the financial statements of the two largest sugar producers in Louisiana. Now, after more than 45 years in agriculture, Richard has a keen ability to determine the exact financial solution for clients in all areas of the industry. Richard has worked as both CFO & a CEO of large, integrated agricultural businesses. He was a partner in developing large acreages of pistachio’s, almonds, wine grapes and olives. His company also grew cotton, tomatoes, lettuce sugar cane & melon in several states in North America and in Australia. During the course of his career in agricultural finance and farming, Richard has developed an instinctive capacity to readily determine what solution is most effective for a client. Richard is equally successful when working with the largest national banks, local community banks, with the leading insurance company lenders and with loans funded through the secondary markets. Richard works effectively on all projects. He does consulting, loan advisory work and loan restructuring work. Clients always find Richard to be thoughtful and insightful.


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  • richard@aglendinggroup.com

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Madison Durkin

Vice President
Madison was raised in Central California surrounded by agriculture. She fell in love with agriculture at an early age and is thrilled she is able to work with farmers daily. Madison graduated from Santa Clara University before moving to Phoenix and starting a family. You will work with Madison day in and day out until your loan is closed. She handles all account management for Ag Lending Group and enjoys getting to annually visit clients for farm audits.


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  • madison@aglendinggroup.com

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