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Farm Loans

As the nation’s premier non-bank lender specializing in agricultural real estate, Ag Lending Group works  with fruit, nut, vegetable growers, cotton and row crop farmers farmers across the United States to fund their operations.

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Ranch & Dairy Loans

Ag Lending Group offers ranch and dairy loans across the United States to expand operations, purchase new cattle, real estate or refinance your existing loan at a better rate and term.

Vineyard and Winery Loans

Ag financing for wineries and vineyards are a long standing speciality of Ag Lending Group. Our experienced team has secured vineyard and winery financing with many vineyards throughout California and Washington. If you are seeking a vineyard loan to refinance your current loans for a better rate and term, looking to purchase an existing vineyard or just looking for capital to cover day-to-day operating costs, Ag Lending Group is your trusted agricultural lender.
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Bridge Loans

We offer farm loans that are non-conventional, asset-based loans, often called “hard money” or “bridge” loans, and are primarily based on collateral. These can be used for a variety of purposes.

Farm Operating and Line of Credit Loans

Farm operating loans and line of credit loans are a financial lifeline to most working farm operations. A farm operating loan or line of credit is revolving debt that can be borrowed and paid back to fund the yearly operating costs of farm operations. Typical farm operating expenses include: seed, fertilizer, labor, irrigation, tillage and harvest. Our real estate backed revolving line of credit can help a farm operation manage its working capital and maintain adequate cash on hand.


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