Farm Mortgage Loans for All Farms

Farm Loan

As the nation’s premier non-bank lender specializing in agricultural real estate. We work all types of farms across the United States.

Ranch & Dairy
Ag Lending Group offers ranch and dairy loans across the United States to expand operations, purchase new cattle, real estate or refinance your existing loan at a better rate and term.
Vineyard & Winery
Ag financing for wineries and vineyards are a long standing speciality of ours. Our experienced team has secured vineyard and winery financing for many throughout the West.
Bridge Loans
Ag Lending Group offers non-conventional, asset-based loans, often called “hard money” or “bridge” loans, and are primarily based on collateral. These can be used for a variety of purposes.

Key Benefits

We know Agriculture. Its all we do!
We are a family run organization that cares about family farms and also understands complex corporate structures.
We take a fast streamlined approach to agricultural lending so you get more time back on the farm.
Just Us
We will be there year over year for the life of your loan. You will never have to deal with another bank again.