Tired of worrying that your local lender will not approve next years operating line? Our real estate backed line-of-credit has a 10-year draw period and 30-year term, so that you can concentrate on growing your business instead of going to your bank every year to re-apply for operating funds. Once you are approved for your line, you may use it for any agricultural or business purpose. Our real estate backed revolving line of credit is interest-only payments during the draw period; our line-of-credit is the industry leader.

Features of our Real Estate backed Revolving Line of Credit:

  • 10-year draw period

  • No annual credit review or financial statements

  • Secured only by real estate, not crops, livestock, or equipment

  • Converts to 20-year mortgage after draw period

  • No requirement to pay off balance annually

  • 680 minimum credit score

  • $200,000 minimum loan amount when combined with amortized mortgage

  • $500,000 minimum loan when stand alone, must be first mortgage

  • Up to 50% loan to Value

  • Maximum debt to asset ratio of 50%

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