Washington Farm Loans

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You will not be surprised to hear Washington’s highest dollar crop is apples. This state produces 57% of all the apples in the nation at a value of $1.75 billion.

Washington leads the nation in the production of several crops: 92% of all raspberries are raised here, 77% of all hops, 75% of the nation’s supply of spearmint oil, 51% of sweet cherries, 46% of concord grapes, 46% of pears, 41% of all peppermint oil, and 38% of all prunes and plums.


Number of Farms: 39,500
Average Farm Size: 381 acres
Total Farmland: 14.9 million acres  


Ag Lending Group loves to work with farmers in the state of Washington. We work with aspiring farmers, experienced farmers and those looking for agricultural investments. The Ag Lending Group team has over 4 decades of experience with farming and finance. 

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